JAG is No More

Jobs for America’s graduates, also known as JAG, was offered here at Rushville Consolidated High School, but no is no longer available after an incident leading to the cancellation of the program. This changed many students’ classes including seniors Mackenzie Pratt and Tori Campbell along with Junior Sherry Zeisloft.

Mackenzie Pratt said, “I’m not really that mad that I’m not able to take the class anymore. Yes, I did enjoy it and I hope that I’m still able to figure out what I want to do after high school.” Since students had to transfer to different classes, she entered into an intro to business class. 

Sherry Zeisloft said, “The class was really fun and I’m upset that they couldn’t find a different teacher for it. The process of us losing JAG was weird because no one knew it was coming and everyone was excited to be in the class, so I think it surprised everybody….” Zeisloft then transferred into an intro to radio and TV class.

Tori Campbell said, “In this class I was really hoping to get an idea about what I wanted to go to college for and do in the future, but with the class gone, I’m concerned.” Since then Tori, entered a Speech class as a replacement. 

All in all, JAG was a class that students signed up for in order to obtain guidance on their future and without it it’s left many students concerned for what’s to come.