Focus on Grant Hill

August 5, 2019

From hot sunny days to cold rainy nights, the Rushville Lions football team works hard to perform during the Friday night lights.  The coaching staff along with the seniors work diligently every day to improve the team as a whole. Senior Grant Hill claimed that he truly believes that their team is going to have the best year of his high school career. He went to say that the team has high levels of quality throughout every position. He has bought into this season and thinks everyone else who considers themselves a Rushville Lion football player should too.

Although football is a demanding sport, the team tries to enjoy the fun side of football. According to Hill, before every game, the whole team walks two by two to the field and he and Nick Lawler brings up the back. He then adds that the pair of them do a little hand shake before the game which gets them to ready roll. 

Teamwork and friendship are always the key roles in any sport. Hill said, “I’m going to miss the brotherhood that comes with the football team. I’ll miss the coaches, and we have the best coaching staff in the state. No question.” Grant serves as a great leader for the team on and off the field.

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