Top 10 Banquet

Dana Durbin, Photographer/Author

On Sunday, April 16th, the Rushville Rotary Top 10 Banquet was held. Ten students of each class are honored annually by the Rushville Rotary for their academic success. Superintendent of Rush County Schools, Jim Jameson, opened the event and then handed it over to Rushville Rotary and School Board member Dr. Steve Sickbert for the call to order. Rushville Consolidated High School’s principal, Rob Hadley,  gave a devoted speech to the top 10 members on continuing their success outside of high school by sharing what he learned during his time at RCHS to close out the event. Top 10 members are commended for their excellence and perseverance in their academics; congratulations to all, Top 10 students!


Top 10 Members Include:



Cooper, Jasmine Lee

Cooper, Olivia Marie

DeWitt, Conner Jacen

Ripberger, Makenna Grace

Tabeling, Rebecca Michelle

Neuman, Catherine Grace

Amos, Kaleb Wayne

Herbert, Mikayla Ann

Pickett, Chloe Alaine

Pavey, Sam



Stanley, Heidi Elizabeth

Morgan, Trisha Marie

Angle, Audrey Ellen

Berkemeier, Aundrea

Lawler, Jenna Brooke

Bowles, Emma Grace

Barnes, Carter Bryant

Means, Brooke

Cooper, Natalie Rose

Branson, Jacob Cowan



Ripberger, Katie

Pavey, Gabrielle Rose

Cain, Jocelyn Lynn

Wicker, Parker Michael

Dora, Sophia Jean

Parsley, Kiley Renee

Cain, Quentin Gallagher

Norvell, Mia Alexandra

Angle, Mallory Renae

Moore, Evan



Wilson, Isabella Rose

Parsley, Konner Scott

Gulley, Audrey Caitlyn

Cameron, Matthew Paul

Reece, Ashton James

Fox, Brody Keith

Tush, Cynthia Ann

Kemple, Sofia Erendira

Branson, Madison Renae

Roberts, Kelby Renee


Pictured: (Top left to right) Makenna Ripberger, Catherine Newman, Kaleb Amos, Sam Pavey

(Bottom left to right) Chloe Pickett, Olivia Cooper, Jasmine Cooper, Mikayla Herbert, Rebecca Tabeling

Pictured: (top left to right) Carter Barnes, Jacob Branson, Hedi Stanley, Aundrea Berkemeier

(bottom left to right) Jenna Lawler, Emma Bowles, Brooke Means, Audrey Angle, Natalie Cooper

Not Pictured: Trisha Morgan

Pictured: (Top left to right) Katie Ripberger, Jocelyn Cain, Quintin Cain, Evan Moore

(Bottom left to right) Kiley Parsley, Gabrielle Pavey, Parker Wicker, Sophia Dora, Mallory Angle

Not Pictured: Mia Norvell

Pictured: (Top left to right) Brody Fox, Matthew Cameron, Ashton Reece, Konner Parsley, Sofia Kemple

(Bottom left to right) Isabella Wilson, Cynthia Tush, Audrey Gulley, Kelby Roberts, Madison Branson