Staff Spotlight – Karen Brashaber

Brooke Means

I interviewed one of our math teachers here at Rushville Consolidated High School; her name is Mrs. Brashaber. Mrs. Brashaber was very kind and willing to answer a few questions for the school website. 

Mrs. Brashaber worked at one other school before coming to RCHS; that school was New Castle. When Mrs. Brashaber was at New Castle, she taught algebra one and algebra two. Before Mrs. Brashaber was a teacher, she worked as a computer specialist, and at a CVS. 

Mrs. Brashaber grew up here in Rushville and graduated from RCHS. She calls Rushville her home; “I have a soft spot for Rushville”. With this being said, there are several things Mrs. Brashaber likes about Rushville, “Rushville is a good place to be active, there is good education, it has that hometown feel to it, there is good communication throughout the town and the schools, the teachers are very good at sharing lessons and helping each other, and there is a sense of community in the math department.” 

Since Mrs. Brashaber was a student here, a lot has changed. Mrs. Brashaber says, “ The size of the school is smaller, in 1979 there were three hundred kids that graduated. Also, education has become a lot more digital over time.”

There are several things that Mrs. Brashaber likes about RCHS, “The students and staff are very kind and welcoming; this is a place that I feel has a safe environment. I also like block scheduling, it works very well here at RCHS.” 

After an amazing twenty-six years of teaching and seventeen years of teaching summer school here at Rushville Consolidated High School, Mrs. Brashaber has decided to retire at the end of this school year. I asked Mrs. Brashaber if she would like to give a quote to the school, she responded with, “We can learn lessons from all aspects of our lives, so look for opportunities to be an over-comer and a lifelong learner.” 

I was curious about what other subjects in school Mrs. Brashaber likes and she said that she loves English, grammar, and reading. Meanwhile, she doesn’t like writing as much. What is her favorite type of book; crime/lawyer books. Who is one of her favorite writers; John Grisham. Some of Mrs. Brashaber’s hobbies include reading, gardening (there is a big garden with potatoes, pumpkins, tomatoes, corn), she cans her crops, and she started playing the ukulele over the summer. When it comes to baseball, Mrs. Brashabers favorite team is the Cincinnati Reds. When it comes to football, Mrs. Brashabers favorite team is Purdue. 

Phil Brashaber, is Mrs. Brashabers husband of a joyful 38 years. Mr. Brashaber actually works here at RCS as an Environmental Services Manager. They have had three children, and they don’t have any grandchildren yet. The oldest is Keith, he is 33; the middle child is Julie, she is 30; the youngest is James, he is 28 years old. 

Mrs. Brashaber is a very big help here at RCHS, and at football and basketball games she collects the ticket sales. 

“I like that this school is working hard for the students and giving them a safe environment!”, Mrs. Brashaber exclaims. I would like to thank Mrs. Brashaber for being so nice and letting me ask her these few questions for the school website. Mrs. Brashaber is an amazing math teacher and helps RCHS out in several ways.