Madrigal Cheer

Brooke Means

There is a very talented group of singers here at Rushville Consolidated High School; they are the madrigal class. The Madrigals are a mix of seniors, juniors, and sophomores. The class put together a dinner show to take us on a trip back in time-back to the Renaissance. The Madrigals performed during dinner at the Rush County Courthouse on December 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th.

At the beginning of the evening, the students in madrigals would greet you at the doors and take your ticket for the dinner. They would then show you where the tables are; you got to choose which seat you wanted. They had a three course meal prepared. They would come up to you and ask you if you wanted some soup that they had prepared in bowls. To go with the appetizer they brought you, they also come up to you and offer something to drink. While you are slurping down your soup, they start to sing a few songs for you. These songs they sing have a very unique story that is told through how they sing. For the main course of the meal, you get up and go through a line in the room that is closeby. Once everyone is sitting down eating, they start singing beautifully before it is time for dessert. Dessert this year was a delicious piece of chocolate cake. Everyone continues munching down their delicious dinner, until it is time to go to the highest part of the courthouse. The most singing is done up in the top of the courthouse because the sound waves bounce off the walls, giving you the best acoustics around. Before each song that is sung, someone comes and gives you a bit of a backstory. After the backstory, there is singing and towards the end, there is even a few dances. For the very last song, everyone goes downstairs for one last sing and dance. There is amazing singing, wonderful dancing, laughs, cheers, and lots of fun to be had at any of the madrigal dinners. 

The madrigal class works very hard for their performances. Overall, the madrigal class did an amazing job. If you didn’t go watch them this year, I hope this inspires you to go watch them next year.