Staff Spotlight – Krystal Parmerlee

Brooke Means, Writer

I interviewed our Attendance Secretary here at Rushville Consolidated High School. Her name is Mrs. Parmerlee; she is a very fun and kind person. An Attendance Secretary does several things for the school. A few things that the job includes are: working in the office, answering calls, keeping track of attendance, taking phone calls, and taking care of the security at the front doors of the school. There are several more things that she does that are not mentioned here. Mrs. Parmerlee took time out of her very busy day to let me ask her a few questions. 

When it comes to degrees, Mrs. Parmerlee has an associate’s degree in exercise science; she also has several certifications in different areas of fitness, nutrition, and wellness. One other job Mrs. Parmerlee had was teaching zumba for seven years, she loves to dance and have fun. Mrs. Parmerlee has also worked at two other schools in the past, she taught preschool at those two schools. Those other jobs were okay, but Mrs. Parmerlee likes it here at Rushville Consolidated High School the best. 

Right now, Mrs. Parmerlee is training for a half marathon; a half marathon is about 13.1 miles long. Also, Mrs. Parmerlee is getting ready for a ragnar relay, which can last about 20 hours and cover 14.3 miles of trails. Mrs. Parmerlee is really into going on trail races and doing obstacle course races like spartan. Spartan is a race that you run while going through different obstacles. Mrs. Parmerlee also likes to go camping with her family in their travel trailer; they camp about two times a month at different state parks in Indiana. Some of Mrs. Parmerlee’s hobbies are fitness, running, biking, and hiking as can be seen in the above sentences. 

To work here at Rushville Consolidated High School, Mrs. Parmerlee applied online. When asked why she wanted to work here, Mrs. Parmerlee replied, “Because I love the overall atmosphere and relationships.” Mrs. Parmerlee is originally from Indianapolis, but she decided to come to a smaller town to have a good place to live and raise her children. 

Mrs. Parmerlee is happily married, and she has three children; she has been married for seventeen years to her high school sweetheart. They lived in Georgia for four years while her husband was in the navy. Her first born son is Hunter, he is fifteen, and in tenth grade. Her second born is Mason, he is eleven, and he will be twelve in December; he is in sixth grade. Her youngest is Raelyn, she is five, and she is not in school yet. “Rushville is nice because I get to be close to and know what is going on with my children.”, Mrs. Parmerlee says. 

A few of the main things Mrs. Parmerlee likes about being here in Rushville are knowing people and having the friendly, inviting feeling of a small town. Mrs. Parmerlee plans to live and work here in Rushville until her kids graduate or longer. When asked what her favorite part of being here is, Mrs. Parmerlee said, “The hours are great for working and it is the place where my kids go to school.” It took Mrs. Parmerlee a while to get used to things here because like every job, it is in a new and different environment. If Mrs. Parmerlee could teach something else, she would be a gym/p.e. teacher because she loves being active and playing sports; she also likes teaching kids about the correct way to play different sports while having fun. 

Mrs. Parmerlee helps with a couple school sports throughout the school year. Those couple sports include cross country and track and field. Both of these sports include running, which Mrs. Parmerlee enjoys. Mrs. Parmelee helps coaching with both the boys and girls cross country teams in the fall season. In track and field, Mrs. Parmerlee helps with the long distance kids, which takes place during the spring season. Mrs. Parmerlee’s favorite sports team is the Rushville cross country team. 

Overall, Mrs. Parmerlee exclaims, “I really love being in Rushville! I have made some really great friends within my law enforcement family!” A big thanks to Mrs. Parmerlee for taking time out of her day and letting me interview her for the school website. Mrs. Parmerlee is a really good Attendance Secretary and a great asset to Rushville Consolidated High School.