Your Proud Principal

Dana Durbin, Rushlite Editor

Robert Hadley, the proud principal of Rushville Consolidated High school, has served us for nineteen years as part of the Rush County School System. Mr. Hadley was the assistant principal for nine years before turning over to be the principal of RCHS for ten years. Hadley recalls being elated to watch more dual credit opportunities come to the school over the years and the fine arts expand to provide more opportunities for the students here. When asked how this job has rewarded him over the years, he states, “Watching the students succeed and thrive with the things they have experienced here. Not only curricular but extracurricular as well, because there is something for everyone here.” 

At the beginning of the 2022 school year, Mr. Hadley stated that this would be his final year of being our proud principal. When asked about what it was like to consider and ultimately decide upon retirement, Mr. Hadley stated, “It has been a hard job in the recent years with covid, politics, and everyone polar thinking it can make it quite difficult, but worth it because I always go back to being happy to seeing the kids thrive and grow.” Mr. Hadley has been a part of public education for 32 years, so he states it is a rather difficult decision to consider. “I love Rushville High school. I love the community… So it was a tough decision to consider. But it has been hard, the hardest job I have ever had, the most rewarding, but also the hardest. I am ready to do something with less stress and less pressure. Something with a little less responsibility that this job comes with.”

Mr. Hadley states that he has had many good memories in his time at RCHS, although one, in particular, stands out to him. Joe Garland placed second at state for heavyweight wrestling. Mr. Hadley was the coach for wrestling at this period in time, and his son was also present on the wrestling team. “When I was head wrestling coach, we had Joe Garland, who placed second at state, and my son wrestled with him as well, and so he was Joe’s practice partner, and then I got to wrestle with the two of them.” Hadley loved to go to the state final match in front of thousands of people and get to see a homegrown Rushville kid become a state runner-up. He also stated that he enjoyed seeing someone who he worked with and wrestled with himself to be able to make such an outstanding achievement. 

Some that are very important to Mr. Hadley are his family. All of his children, including Hannah, Robert, Annie, and Emily. Some of his most incredible memories in the Rush County School System were watching his children grow through the years at RCHS. Seeing them make their achievements and grow into their own skin. To see his son win semi-state, his daughters be Key Club president or Vice-President of the Student Council. His daughter Annie was a Cheerleader and Emily was a Lady Lion Basketball player. Hannah Hadley was also a part of the RCHS women’s golf team. “As a dad, that was fun too, being able to watch my kids grow up, and a blessing as well.”

In retirement, Mr. Hadley said that he wants to do something a little less stressful and fewer hours. He has been looking into the University of Indianapolis, where he has two daughters attending school, yet again wanting to be closer to his beloved family. Just starting to take life a little less seriously and have a little more fun and be closer to family. Enjoying life and its little moments a little bit more.

Being able to attend RCHS with Mr. Hadley has been a true blessing. Mr. Hadley is a leading principal. Who constantly sticks his neck out for the children under his administration. Mr. Hadley has gone out of his way to do the right thing. The students at RCHS, including myself, have been blessed to have Mr. Hadley is a part of our High school experience. We wish Mr. Hadley the best of luck in retirement after many outstanding years of service to the Rush County community.