Meet Our New Faculty- Science Teacher Ross Ferguson

Jay Kirk, Publications Student

Hello, my name is Ross Ferguson, and I am a new science teacher at Rushville Consolidated High School.  I was born and raised in Connersville, Indiana.  In my junior year of high school, my chemistry teacher inspired me in a big way, and I knew then that I would become a teacher.  I have also worked office jobs in the past, and I wrote my own book- although it has gone unpublished.  I am currently enrolled in Indiana University East and majoring in Science and Biology education.


I taught first in 2018 as a Biology teacher for Connersville Middle School.  I then moved to Lincoln Middle School for a very short time, before I found where I belong at RCHS.  I enjoy all of my classes, but my favorite to teach is first year chemistry.  We have not reached my favorite part of biology this year, so that may be subject to change.  I plan to teach until the day I retire, and my goal is to reach 30 years of teaching.


I may not have much time for hobbies, but I do manage to squeeze in some time to watch basketball- go Celtics!  I played tennis throughout high school, and I even became the manager for my high school team for some time.  I enjoy the Colts and the Patriots, but I do not watch much football.  In addition, I would just like to add that I live with my furry companion, Yuumi, who is a Siamese cat with a unique color pattern.


By Jay Kirk