A Weekend of Recognition at RCHS

Harrison Wicker, Author

The cafeteria was full of excitement this past weekend at Rushville Consolidated High School with two major recognition events.

On Saturday, April 9th, the Rushville Chapter of the National Honors Society inducted the next class into their membership. Members were selected based on their Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. Presiding over the event were the Class of 2022 NHS Officers, including President Savanah Snow, Vice-President Lexi Schwendenman, Secretary Cora Owens, and Treasurer Carter Tague. The keynote speaker at this initiation ceremony was Derick Williams, a current student at the University of Notre Dame and former Indiana FFA Reporter. His message to the inductees was By opening our hearts and finding hope in our shared humanity, we can better connect to people.

The 2022 inductees of the National Honors Society include Hailey Abell, Madison Branson, Indya Burnett, Matthew Cameron, Shrayder Fischer, Brody Fox, Gavin Fox, Audrey Gulley, Samara Hankins, Amity Herrington, Trevor Hunter, Courtney Jackman, Emily Jackman, Elijah Jobe, Carlie Kuhn, Araceli Leon, Kylee Macy, Briley Munchel, Yanitza Norvell, Konner Parsley, Grace Pharis, Ashton Reece, Meghan Reed, Kelby Roberts, Jensen Smith, Ashleigh Spaeth, Katherine Tabeling, Cynthia Tush, Austin Vance, Olivia Wehr, Ashley Whitham, Isabella Wilson, and Molly Zachery.

Sunday, April 10th, the Rushville Rotary Top 10 Banquet took place. These students were recognized for their hard work in their academics. Presiding over the event was Rush County Schools Superintendent Dr. Matt Vance, and Rotary Co-President Theresa Alexander. Brian Sheehan, Director of Special Projects for the City of Rushville, provided a keynote address. Sheehan spoke about the Top 10 Life Lessons from his experiences.

The Top 10 members include


  • Audrey Angle
  • Carter Barnes
  • Andi Berkemeier
  • Emma Bowles
  • Natalie Cooper
  • Emi Flannery
  • Jenna Lawler
  • Brooke Means
  • Trisha Morgan
  • Heidi Stanley


  • Mallory Angle
  • Jocelyn Cain
  • Quentin Cain
  • Sophia Dora
  • Mia Norvell
  • Kiley Parsley
  • Gabby Pavey
  • Kara Reece
  • Katie Ripberger
  • Parker Wicker


  • Madison Branson
  • Matthew Cameron
  • Brody Fox
  • Audrey Gulley
  • Sofia Kemple
  • Konnor Parsley
  • Ashton Reece
  • Kelby Roberts
  • Cynthia Tush
  • Isabela Wilson


  • Meredith Lawrence
  • Annika Marlow
  • Kaylyn Marsh
  • Meghan Reed
  • Lillian Robinson
  • Alexa Schwendenman
  • Jonathan Starke
  • Hannah Strain
  • Katie Thoman
  • Olivia Yager

Congratulations to all students who were recognized this weekend!