Netflix’s Top Ten (Bridgerton)

Netflixs Top Ten (Bridgerton)

Ariel Winters, Author

Bridgerton this month is number one on Netflix’s top ten list for most watched series on Netflix. It’s a show definitely worth watching, mainly targeting the female audience. This series is set back in the 1800’s following Daphne Bridgerton, the eldest daughter of the very powerful Bridgerton family.

Throughout the series tensions begin to rise with the high society scandal sheet which is written by the anonymous Lady Whistledown.

This key factor of not knowing her identity makes you want to binge watch the show just to find out her identity and leaves you on the edge of your seat for each new scandal she releases.

Bridgerton just released their second season on March 25th. This season follows Lady Whistledown’s identity and sets a main focus on her brother Anthony Bridgerton and his backstory.

If you are looking for a series filled with royalty, scandals, and plenty of drama I would definitely recommend watching this one!