A Spotlight on Ariel Winters

Matilde Volpi, Author

Ariel is a 16 year old Junior attending Rushville Consolidated High School.

She loves spending her free time shopping and going to Starbucks with her friends, such as Kylee Macy. Family has a special place in Ariel’s heart. 

Last year she started playing golf and she enjoys this sport so much.

One of her greatest passions is photography: she has her own professional camera and she is part of the 4-H club here in Rush County. 

Ariel’s favorite class is Student Publications and she hopes it will help her to improve her photography and writing skills.

Thinking about her future, Winters’ dream job is Pediatric Occupational Therapy, but she hasn’t already decided which college to attend; Ariel plans to attend the Disney College program if accepted. She loves to travel with her family especially in Florida and Tennessee.