Staff Spotlight #4

Welcome to Staff Spotlight #4!

Mrs. Jane Riddell

Mrs. Riddell has been at RCHS for 10 years, and is currently a math instructor.  She attended Ball State to major in Mathematics Education with a minor in Spanish.  She noted that her favorite part of RCHS is having Lunch B.

Mr. Keith Perin

Mr. Perin has been an educator at RCHS for 30 years.  He is currently teaching English.  He attended University of Indianapolis  to get his Bachelors and IUPUI to earn his masters.  He majored in English.  His favorite part about RCHS is the students and literature.

Mr. Pat Haney

Mr. Haney has been in the History Department for 14 years.  He attended University of Southern Indiana to major in Social Studies Education.  His favorite part of RCHS is “Seeing the students who really get into saving and investing after I teach about it in Econ.”

Mrs. Karen Brashaber

Mrs. Brashaber has been at RCHS for 25 years.  She is currently in the math department.  She attended Hanover College and Ball State University to major in Mathematics.  She noted “The teachers in my department work really well together, and they have become like family to me. I like how our staff cares about each other.”

Mrs. Aimee Puls

Mrs. Puls is the Vice President at RCHS.  She has been at RCHS for 8 years.  She attended University of Illinois to major in Special Education and Educational Leadership.  She stated that her favorite part of RCHS is “The students and staff at RCHS make it the best place to work. Everyone is kind and supportive. It’s a true community that I am proud to be part of.”