March Lion Award Winners


Photo Provided

L-R: Mrs. Parmerlee, Ms. Corum

Rob Hadley, Contributing Author

At the Faculty Meeting on March 14, the Lion Award Winners for March were announced.  Rob Hadley, RCHS Principal, submitted a press release to RCHS Publications.

Congratulations to the RCHS Lion’s SHARE Lion Award winners for March: Mrs. Krystal Parmerlee (RCHS In-School Suspension Supervisor) and Ms. Brittney Corum (RCHS English Substitute Teacher)! They demonstrate a heart of a Lion for kids (please see the attached photo—it must be noted that it was Tacky Tourist Day at RCHS)!

Mrs. Parmerlee and Corum will now proudly display their stuffed animal lions in honor of their awards!  They also received gift cards for Fish Moon and Pizza King in Rushville!

The February Lion Award winners chose the March Lion recipients. Officer Brent Horton (RCS Student Resource officer and Coach) chose to honor Mrs. Parmerlee at the 3/16 faculty meeting. Officer Horton was unable to attend, but he did record a video that was played at the faculty meeting. A very talented rap artist, Officer Horton created an amazing composition in honor of Mrs. Parmerlee! At that same faculty meeting Mrs. Margaret Harris (RCHS Secretary) talked about Ms. Corum: always coming to school with a smile on her face, she talked about her dependability, and she praised Ms. Corum’s adaptability!  Positivity, creativity, dedication, compassion and hard work abounds at RCHS!

A photo provided by Rob Hadley can be found below.

L-R: Mrs. Parmerlee, Ms. Corum (Photo Provided)

Congratulations March Lion Award Winners!