A Pep Session to Remember!

Matilde Volpi, Author

The month of February began with a wave of school spirit, thanks to our 9th Pep Rally Session, celebrated on Monday, January 31. 

All the students went to the Memorial Gym to see the recognition of the sports teams: the boy’s and girl’s basketball team, the wrestling team and the gymnastic one were presented by Cora Owens and Cameron Jackman.

After this, the Scout Team, made up of students, played against the Teacher Team in a hard-fought basketball game.

The six student team of Marlin Hersberger, Sam Smith, Carter Tague, David Richardson, Kaiden Gabbard, under coach Vasco Verwimp, took the crown with 18 points, in contrast with the 12 points made by Mr. Marlatt, Mr. Riddell, Mrs. Shockely, Mrs. Edwards, Mr. Hedrick, Mr. Morgan, and Coach Sliger. 

During halftime, lights turned off to set the mood for the boy’s dance, between steam and cheers.

The Musical Chairs made the concentration drop in the gym: the band played music with several interruptions until Donna Frazier was the only one sitting on a chair!

Seen through the eyes of a foreign exchange student, it was the best way to lift students’ school spirit!