2022 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards


Ariel Winters, Author

Robbie Fairchild, Cora Legere, and Caden Bradley are seniors at Rushville Consolidated High School and are visual art students of Mrs. Toni Schultz. These students are being recognized as the recipients of the Central Indiana Scholastic Art and Writing awards. This competition awards high school students for their originality, technical skills, and their vision. This is a very competitive competition. 

The artwork submitted by these three students was reviewed by a group of professionals as having the most outstanding work amongst their fellow peers. These students placed in the top 10% against other entries.

 Robbie and Caden received recognition with an Honorable mention, Cora received two Silver Keys, five Honorable Mentions for personal pieces of her work and a Silver Key on her portfolio, this art being named Euphoric

Robbie Fairchild submitted a drawing and illustration. This art piece was titled Taste the Freaking Rainbow. This drawing represented several layers of colored pencil and a strong use of vivid colors. 

Caden Bradley submitted an acrylic painting on canvas. This painting was titled SRT Brings out the Best Of Us. This piece shows a variety of skills and creativity. 

 Cora Legere will be attending the Art Academy of Cincinnati in the fall of 2022. She received  the Thomas Satterwhite Noble Entry Scholarship. 

These artists will be appreciated  and recognized for their art work on Sunday, April 3, 2022 at the Scholastic Awards Ceremony. There will also be a celebration that will be held at the Northview Middle School Auditorium. 

Caden, Robbie, and Cora will be represented much like other American artists. Some of these artists include Andy Warhol and Stephen King. 

Pictured is Cora Legere, Robbie Fairchild, and Caden Bradley with their winning entries.