From Italy to Rushville


Ariel Winters

Matilde Volpi

Harrison Wicker, Author

     Each year, Rushville Consolidated High School is proud to host Foreign Exchange Students from all over the world.  Our next Foreign Exchange Student to introduce is Matilde Volpi from Italy!

     Matilde is a 17 year old Senior this year.  She came to Rushville at the beginning of January, and is participating in the 1 semester program.  While in Spain, she ran track and took dance classes.  Here at RCHS, she participates in Tennis, Theater, and Publications.  She stated that she wanted to play a new sport while in America, and Mr. Riddell talked her into doing tennis.

     Volpi’s favorite part of Rushville is going to Pizza King with her friends.  She also mentioned that she liked the disposition of the houses on Main Street.  Her favorite part of RCHS is the theater class, publications class, and Mr. Perin’s IU L202 class.

     Matilde doesn’t quite know what she wants to do following graduation, but she hopes that the foreign exchange program will give her an insight of what she wants to study!