Welcome, Jin Calaf!


Jin Calaf

Harrison Wicker, Author

This year, Rushville Consolidated High School has the opportunity to host three Foreign Exchange Students!  We will be spotlighting each of our foreign exchange students throughout the year on Rushlite.  Our first Foreign Exchange Student is Jin Calaf!

Jin Calaf comes to Rushville from Spain.  She is currently a 16 year old Junior, who plays soccer and basketball.  Calaf states that she has played these sports back in Spain.  She told me that the rules of soccer in the United States are different from the rules in Spain.

Calaf told me that her favorite part about Rushville High School is the people.  She likes that everyone has welcomed her in with open arms, especially the RCHS Girls Soccer Team.  When I asked her what some of the differences there were between Spain and America in general, she had quite a few differences to mind.  The first difference is that in Spain, you have to be 18 to drive.  She was quite surprised when I told her that there were people her age driving.

Another difference is the food.  She said that Americans eat more fast food than those in Spain.  She also told me that the people, especially in Rushville, are different.  She said that she enjoys being able to get people on a more personal level.

Jin was recognized with the Girls Soccer Seniors since she is only here for one year.  Welcome to Rushville!