Gymnastics Sectional


Kylee Macy, Author

The Lady Lions Gymnastic team traveled to Connersville to compete in sectionals on Saturday the 27th of February to finish out their season. The team finished 5th with a score of 92.55. 

All the scores and placings includes:


Nova Tackett 12th  8.5

Bell Westphal 12th  8.5

Cora Emory 19th  8.35

Katie Thoman 19th 8.35



Nova Tackett 8th  7.95

Annie Thoman 13th  7.35

Bell Westphal 15th  7.15

Emma Philpot 22nd  6.65



Emma Philpot 14th  7.4 (no falls)

Bell Westphal 14th  7.4

Nova Tackett 20th  6.575

Cora Emory 21st  6.1



Cora Emory 17th  7.9

Nova Tackett 21st  7.75

Katie Thoman 22nd  7.725

Bell Westphal 26th  7.425



Nova Tackett 9th  30.775

Bell Westphal 10th  30.475