Victoria Smiley, Author

Tik Tok Has gotten big, and people are using it. I personally think Tik Tok is a good way to pass time and it gets you to be creative and a way to have fun, But it can be very addicting, I got my own mother addicted to Tik Tok It is a good way to express yourself. But here are some other thoughts. 

Leah Raider said Tik Tok is super addicting. Whenever I get on the app, and hours pass and I don’t even realize it, It’s also super hard to get off TikTok. She thinks it is very addicting to use but it is a good way to pass time. She thinks Tik Tok is a fun way to get the time to go a little faster. 

Jensen Smith Said Tik Tok is a great time passer! The app can be really funny and enjoyable. Once you get past the children making dad jokes and the little kids doing the dancese. Jensen thinks it is good for older people. The little kids on the app do the wap dance is very inappropriate for the app and the older people on the app. 

Tik Tok is a good app to be creative and a way to past time, but there should be an age limit. It is a very good app and is very funny to watch.