Students’ Perspectives

Publications students asked different RCHS students what they thought about the hybrid schedule.  Here is what these students had to say.

Molly Zachary said she really enjoyed the hybrid schedule. She explained, “The days I’m doing e-learning, I get more sleep, of course. I also work better when I’m at home because it’s less distracting than being around a ton of people.” Molly also said that she gets her work done faster and better. The only negative part of hybrid learning she mentioned was that she doesn’t get to see her friends as often as she did when she was in school every day. Overall, she really enjoys hybrid learning.

Jensen Smith thinks that the hybrid schedule is a safer alternative than attending school full time given the current COVID circumstances. It works well, if not better, for the students since we can have a day of break/work time between classes. However, he thinks the white day schedule is tough, not only for students but staff as well. Teachers now have to teach the same lesson 6 times a day when they only had to 3 or 4 times on a normal schedule. The only change Jensen would make is re-introducing the red and black day into the hybrid schedule. Other than that, he thinks it is a smart decision on the school’s behalf. 

Annie Thoman is a junior at RCHS who mentions how the new schedule is a lot less stressful in the aspects of being quarantined. She says, “The new schedule allows me to have a catch-up day where I can get all of my work done and also catch up on sleep. But the hybrid schedule, especially on the white days, [since] there is not a lot of time to ask questions because the teachers are pressed for time.” Thoman also includes how this is also a time for a lot of confusion for both the students and the staff because no one has been through this before and everyone is figuring this out as we go.