Hybrid Schedule– Staff First Impressions

RCHS publications reached out to a few staff members to gather their initial opinions about our new hybrid schedule. Teachers and students are trying their best to quickly adapt to our first couple of days. Here’s what teachers had to say.

Mrs. Profe Rosario believes that the hybrid schedule will improve attendance. Before hybrid scheduling, “If 5 people were positive, there might have been 150 people out, and in this situation, now if 5 people are absent, there might be 10 people gone.” She doesn’t feel like it is necessary to keep the students safe, as the rules in place protect everyone; however, she states, “If it cuts down on attendance problems because of contact tracing, I’m all for it.” When asked if she thinks the students’ education will suffer due to less time in class, she said, “I feel like no matter what we do, the students are [going to] suffer because of it. I feel like all the time we spent last spring was just awful, and I feel like if we get to a situation like this to improve attendance, that will give us the best bet to catch up.” Profe believes that this hybrid schedule will overall help the students.

In an interview with Mrs. Carmony, she had this to say about the hybrid schedule,
“I believe it’s great because we get to come back to school and try to do business as usual… This isn’t ideal but we’re going to be fine and we’re going to make it and we have hope that we’ll see the end of the school year.
However, she does state that “there [are] several drawbacks. The socialization that the kids enjoy so much has been reduced to half and some of their good friends aren’t here. It will be difficult for teachers to get all of their curriculum in because it takes 2 days to get in what we typically do one day.” She also states that, while it’s not official, she feels we may continue the hybrid schedule.

Like many others during this crazy circumstance, Mrs. Shultz is trying her best to keep everything and everyone as organized as possible. She says, “I like the fact that our school is trying to keep everyone in school as safely as possible, but it’s a little crazy right now. Right now I’m just being flooded with emails from both students and staff about whether certain students are going to be in attendance, and some students having to go on the opposite days that they were originally supposed to, so it’s just a little stressful. And it sucks because a lot of students’ friends aren’t here on the days they are, so it can make it harder for some students.”