Fall 2020: Final Exam Information

Fall 2020: Final Exam Information

This week is final exam week.  Since it is finals, and we have added D lunch, the schedule has changed around more than it has in years past.

Monday, December 14th will still remain a BLACK day.  View the SRT schedule for that day on the Weekly Events document, found on the Rushlite website.

Tuesday, December 15th will be a WHITE day.  This will allow each class to meet once more before final exams start.

Wednesday, December 16th starts final exams.  This will be a RED day, and final exams will take place in Blocks 1 and 5.  The schedule has been changed around, and is as follows

  • Block 3 – Study Block
  • Block 1 – Final Exam
  • Block 5 – Final Exam
  • Block 7 – Study Block

Thursday, December 17th is a BLACK day.  The schedule is as follows:

  • Block 2 – Final Exam
  • Block 4 – Final Exam
  • Block 6 – Final Exam
  • Block 8 – Study Block

Friday, December 18th is a RED day.  The schedule will be like any normal red day.

  • Block 1 – Study Block
  • Block 3 – Final Exam
  • Block 5 – Study Block
  • Block 7 – Final Exam

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  If you are quarantined during your final exams, it is IMPORTANT that you make arrangements with your teacher.