Academic Team

Shepard Cupp, Author

Due to COVID-19 precautions, the Academic Team has had an interesting change in season. Normally, all of the schools would travel to one auditorium to compete; instead, all schools are joining a zoom call. The questions are presented on the call, and there is a proctor at each schools that is responsible for ensuring fairness and entering the answers via a shared Google Drive.

The Academic Team had a meet on November 9th. The combined Interdisciplinary team did well, ending with a score of 9 and taking third place. Senior Sam Sterrett says, “We almost tied for second in Interdisciplinary. We went into overtime and missed one question.” The Math team also took third place, scoring 12. The rest of the teams scored as follows: the Fine Arts team scored 9, the Social Studies team scored 8, the Science team scores 7, and the English team scored 6. Sam says that “it was an overall good experience for his first meet.”

The Rushville Academic Team will attend their last meet of the season on December 7th.