November Junior Rotarians Meeting


Junior Rotarians L-R in article

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View the press release from Mr. Hadley below:

“The RCHS Emerging Leaders/Junior Rotarians had an excellent session on 12/3! At this meeting Rushville Rotarians (Gracie Marlatt, Chip West, and Theresa Alexander) continued the talk about the cost of a college education and discussed financing strategies moving forward. Austin and Aaron Trebley (Junior Rotarians in the Class of 2019) were speakers and are both students at Purdue University in different majors and have differing housing situations. It was helpful to hear from someone actually going through the college experience in context of the modifications and challenges as a result of COVID-19. They addressed some of the fears that students are having regarding attending college in these uncertain times.

Pictured left to right: Gracie Marlatt, Austin Trebley, Aaron Trebley, Chip West, and Theresa Alexander.

Junior Rotarians pictured left to right: Katie Thoman, Samuel Smith, Cameron Jackman, Anne Thoman, Meredith Lawrence, Hannah Strain, Olivia Yager, Annika Marlow, John Alexander, Nicholas Pavey, and Harrison Wicker. Jonathan Starke is not pictured.”

Speakers L-R: Gracie Marlatt, Austin Trebley, Aaron Trebley, Chip West, Theresa Alexander
Junior Rotarians L-R in article.