Key Club Swag and Wreath Pickup


Kaylyn Marsh, Ms. Baker, and Ms. Prifogle sorting wreaths.

Harrison Wicker, Author

The RCHS Key Club recently hosted their annual Wreath and Swag Pickup day.  In the photos below, we see Ms. Baker, Ms. Prifogle (Kiwanis sponsor for the RCHS Key Club), and student Kaylyn Marsh sorting the wreaths, as well as students and staff in line to receive their wreaths.  Mr. Hadley’s announcement is below:

The RCHS Key Club Christmas wreaths and swags arrived! Kaylyn Marsh, Ms. Kristin Baker (business teacher and faculty advisor) and Ms. Sue Prifogle (Kiwanis sponsor) are pictured. The RCHS Key Club has worked with Mr. Jon Norris for 26 years to offer this fundraiser!

The RCHS Key Club thanks everyone for purchasing wreaths and swags this year!