RCHS has a new addition

Leah Raider, Writer

We have a new addition to RCHS: A Chromebook Monitoring System!!!

Now, teachers can see their students’ computers from their desk. I sent out a survey to all students and staff about how they liked this new system.

84% of students dislike the monitoring system. When I asked if they thought it was an invasion of privacy, 65.3% of students answered yes.

Junior Courtney Jackman stated, “I feel that I should be able to do my work without being watched. I am a good student that gets my work done on time. Why should I be punished because other students take advantage of the opportunity to have our own computers?”

Freshman Elizabeth Turner explained, “The Chromebooks belong to the school. Anything we do on them, the staff have a right to know. Do I like being watched? No. But at the same time, is it fair for the teachers to not know what their students are doing? No. I think it is reasonable to have a monitoring system. ”

Most of the teachers like the monitoring system. When asked why Mr. Hedrick liked the monitoring systems, he explained, “I love the screen monitoring capabilities. It allows me to redirect students without making a scene to the rest of the class. I use it in every class!” Overall, I think this is a great addition to RCHS, and I don’t think it will be going anywhere.