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Harrison Wicker

Camila Gonzalez

Harrison Wicker, Author

RCHS is very lucky to be able to host two Foreign Exchange Students this school year.  You have already met Nate, from South Korea.  Let me now introduce you to another exchange student!

Camila Gonzalez, a senior, is joining us this year from Mexico.  For those students who attended RCHS last year, you will remember a familiar name.  Camila’s sister is Flor Gonzalez!  An interesting fact about Camila is that she has a twin sister, who is participating in a foreign exchange program at a school in Illinois.

Back in Mexico, Camila has played Volleyball and Soccer.  Camila is also following Mr. Hadley’s advice and getting involved in activities here at RCHS.  She is currently participating in International Club and the Spanish Conversational Club.  When I asked Camila what her favorite part about RCHS is, she told me that she “likes all of the staff, the sports that RCHS has to offer, and the food.”  Camila says that she does not have a dislike about attending RCHS.

In the community, Camila told me that she likes the people and the Mexican restaurants; her favorite being El Reparo.  She told me that she wishes that Rushville could offer more sit down restaurants.

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