Across the Atlantic!


Harrison Wicker

Chaebyn “Nate” Park

Harrison Wicker, Author

RCHS is very lucky to host foreign exchange students this year! Chaebyn Parks, known by friends as Nate, is joining us this year from South Korea!

Nate, a freshman this year, was not originally supposed to attend RCHS.  He was supposed to be at Tri High in New Castle, but could not find living arrangements.  Thankfully, Mike and Christy Pavey stepped up and took Nate in during his year in America.

In school, Nate has taken Mr. Hadley’s advice and gotten involved.  He is currently the football team manager, and plans to become the basketball team manager.  Nate is also involved with International Club.  When I asked him about his favorite part about attending RCHS, he told me that “everyone is nice and welcoming”.  He appreciates the fact that the students and staff have been willing to welcome him in to their activities!  Nate told me that he did not have any dislikes about attending RCHS yet.

Nate says that “Rushville is not a bad place for foreign exchange students to live in, and a wonderful place for exchange students!”  He then explained that he had lived in a bigger community than what Rushville is, so that is a downside, but he really enjoys being here in Rushville.

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