Victoria Smiley, Author

We have a new restaurant in Rushville Indiana. Wendy is the new business here in town. There are many new things in the Wendy’s. Wendy’s has an outdoor setting and an inside setting too. I went around and asked some employees about how they feel about Wendy’s opening and how they have been dealing with covid.

One of my friends is Cathryn and she works at Wendy’s. She says she loves working at Wendy’s and all work together as a team and keeps each other out. Wendy’s is a friendly place to go and enjoy yourself with a meal. She also says they are wearing gloves whenever touching food and all wear a mask. There are plastic see-through boards that are in front of the registers and the drive through window. It is really safe for others and it keeps all of us safe.

Another friend that works and Wendy’s is Tracie. She says she is glad it is finally open and she loves it. The food is very good. After they give the customer  their food that has to go wash their hands right after. Tracie also wishes the food price to go down a little bit so people don’t get mad after the price of the food.