How’s It Going?

How's It Going?

Jack Culley, Author

As we all know, this year has been anything but normal. We’ve had to adapt to this crazy situation and overcome the hardships in order to go on with our school year. This time in our lives will go down in history books, including the schools’ efforts all around the world to combat the virus and keep everybody safe.

When asked how she is feeling about the school year so far, Varsity Basketball player Briley Munchel says, “I think the school year is going good. We have been taking good precautions and it seems like the masks are working. We don’t have that many cases which is a good thing. We should keep doing what we are doing.”

Many people are shocked at how effective the measures taken have been and how few cases we’ve had. With the few cases we have had, the school took has taken the appropriate measures to control the spread and keep everyone as safe as possible. I think I can speak for most when I say I hope the school’s efforts to control the spread of the virus continue to be effective and hopefully we can stay in school as long as possible.