Covid VS. Volleyball

Covid VS. Volleyball

Leah Raider

The recent pandemic has changed the way lots of sports function. I interviewed Volleyball players over their take on the Pandemic and how it has affected their season.

When asked how this season is different from others, Junior Kara Chandler said, “There’s a lot different this year but I think one of the main ones is not being able to come together as much. There’s a lot of touching during volleyball and always coming in together in the middle. So I think that is very different. I also think that not being able to high five before games is hard too!”

Senior Jama Barnes also said, “Yes, we also can’t use locker rooms and we have to wear masks when we’re not on the court,

I also asked if they could choose one thing this year, what would they pick to change. Sophomore Shrayder Fischer replied, “The fan limitations.” Kara Chandler said, “If we could change one thing this year…. it would be to be able to come together more and not have to wear our mask all the time or have to stay distant. It’s really hard on us as a team, I think.”