Mask Wearing

Jack Culley, Author

We can all agree that this year has been anything but ordinary. We’ve had to overcome many adversities and challenges just to be able to attend school this year. One of the biggest adversities we’ve had to overcome is the wearing of masks. Something we’ve never done before, that most students don’t necessarily like, but understand that it is necessary in order for us to stay in school. When asked how she feels about wearing masks, sophomore class president, Araceli Leon, responds with “Masks should definitely be mandated all around and I’m glad they are. People are dying and masks prove to be nothing but beneficial. People need to be more considerate in these times for those who are affected greatly.” Next we ask varsity quarterback Austin Vance how he feels about masks and he says “In the long run will help us stay in the school. It stinks and can get annoying, but it’s for the best.” We can see that students may not be the biggest fan of wearing the mask, but most understand that it is a necessary measure taken to keep everyone safe.