Senior Year Amidst Covid

Dillman, Author

With the many questions currently up in the air regarding the school year, seniors may be taking the most of the blow. Cancellations, restrictions, and uncertainty over the school being open in the upcoming months has been on the mind of every senior, but many are still optimistic of the situation.

The ongoing pandemic has brought several activities short of being what they used to be in previous years. But most seniors are still glad to have their last (and what some hold as the most important) year of school in person rather than over a screen. Senior Nick Amos states his thoughts on the year so far.

“I’m honestly feeling great I get to see my friends in person. I mean yeah, it sucks that we have to wear our masks all the time but at least we are allowed to be going to school in person … it feels like our class is getting a bit shafted, but it’s just something that we are gonna have to deal with if we wanna continue to have our school year and to actually get to graduate.”

With after school activities being a very important part of many seniors’ school involvement, many of them, players and fans alike, have felt the effects covid has brought. Nick being involved in football, track, and band knows this well. “The cancellations that are happening are a bit disappointing… but I know for the football team at least, coach Rector is doing everything that he can to make sure that we are going to get a full season… I really appreciate what he has been doing… going above and beyond for the team this year.” 

With hope on seniors’ minds, the question now is not only will school be in person for much longer, but what other activities may be affected as well in the upcoming year.