How are restaurant Handling Covid-19?

Victoria Smiley, Author

Covid-19 has made a change in the world and one of those is fast food. We all love fast food. The local restaurants look like they are not doing anything about the Coronavirus. But the restaurants are doing something to stop Covid-19 from spreading. I talked to a friend who works at Taco Bell. And here is what he had to say.

I asked my friend how Taco Bell has been handling Covid-19 and what are some ways they are keeping customers safe and their employees? He responded with,”We are handling it pretty well I mean for the most part. There are some adjustments we had to make. We are requiring all employees and guests that enter the establishment to wear a mask.” What are some ways that the Drive-thru is handling Covid-19? And he responded with,” We are handing food and drinks on a tray and we have to wear gloves as well as a mask.”

 These are some things they are handling Covid-19. All employees are required to wear masks and gloves and the guests that come in are to wear a mask also. We know now that our food and others are safe from the Coronavirus.