Students and Staff: Welcome to COVID!

Harrison Wicker, Author

Welcome back to the 2020-2021 School Year!  This year is one of the craziest years to come back to.  Between wearing masks all of the time, and social distancing at lunch, students are trying to adjust to the “New Normal”  

Junior Hannah Strain said that “…the measures taken were necessary and proactive…”  While many students were looking forward to returning to school this year, some were not.  Junior Merideth Lawrence told me that she “is not fond of coming back.” She told me that she would “rather everyone stay home and stay safe then come be exposed to COVID.”  In a student survey,85.7% of students stated that they would rather be back in school, and 14.3% said that they would rather be doing eLearning.

Students are not the only ones who gave us their input on returning to school.  RCHS Staff members voiced their opinions and explained their feelings.  Mr. Riddell teaches Geometry and Algebra 2.  He tells me that he “is excited to be back in the classroom.”  He goes on to talk about how eLearning cannot replace the interactive discussions.  He told me that he is feeling the need to be more cautious at school since he has 2 young children at home.  When I asked him how he felt about all of the preventative measures that were in place, he told me that it was more work to adhere to the regulations in place, but he finds it worthwhile to be in school.  However, he did say that he misses being able to walk around the room and assist his students. Other staff members in the building are also echoing Mr. Riddell’s statement.  Business teacher Ms. Baker said that it “makes her sad when she has to change her lesson plans from moving around her classroom to sitting and social distancing”.  

All in all, students and staff are happy to be back at RCHS this year.  This year may look different for all, but as students and staff are saying, they are glad the preventative measures are in place to keep students in school, and away from eLearning.


Editor’s note:  Thank you to RCHS Staff and Students for participating in this interview.  Even if you did not get quoted exactly, your responses made this article possible.  Thank you again.