The Reasons Why Seniors Can’t Paint Their Senior Lot Parking Spots

Cora Custer, Author

Senior year is the year everyone waits for. Perhaps the main reason everyone gets excited for senior year is because they can finally park in the senior lot. No more walking into school in the pouring rain all the way from the gravel lot. No more leaving early for school to get a good parking spot by the gym. Senior year allows you to finally have nice parking spot that closer to the school.

Some school allow seniors to paint their parking spots. This is a great activity for the senior class. It allows bonding time with your friends as you pick out your parking spot and decorate it however you choose. It allows creativity and expression.  Painting your parking spot your senior year should be a fun activity. However, RCHS doesn’t let seniors paint their parking spots. We used to allow painting but we no longer do. I was curious as to why it is no longer allowed so I interviewed the proud principal of RCHS, Rob Hadley.

“We tried in the past letting seniors purchase parking spaces to paint and here are issues that arose.

The administration was spending at least half an hour (or more) each day dealing with people parking in other people’s designated, painted parking places.  We started off with warnings and actually had to start handing out discipline consequences as we continued to have repeat offenders. Students became angry, parents became angry, and the administrators continued to spend much valuable time dealing with parking spot issues.

The resurfacing of the parking lot is also an issue.  It is relatively expensive to resurface the parking lot and re-stripe the spaces. This would need to be completed each school year,” Hadley said.

These issues make perfect sense to the problem. I can see why painting the senior lot is something we longer do, but I wish that we could change that. I think we should give the seniors another chance. When asked if another chance was possible, Mr. Hadley said, “We are always open to possibilities.” Second chances are always a good thing.

Should RCHS let seniors paint their parking spots or is it too much of a hassle?  Let us know what you think by voting on the poll posted on the Rushlite website. Maybe the future senior classes will be able to have a little creative fun in the senior lot in years to come.