Goodbye to some Foreign Exchange Students

March 28, 2020

Due to the concerns of COVID-19, some students participating in the Foreign Exchange Student program have had to end their time in Rushville earlier than they wanted to.  Four of the eight students said goodbye to their friends, and most importantly – their host families – on Friday, March 27th, as they headed out to the airport.  Those students were:

  • Minto Noto from Japan
  • Keting Li from China
  • Phurin Chindapornipik from Thailand
  • Regina Perez-Talvera from Mexico

These students will be missed dearly.  Just because they left the US does not mean that you still can’t be friends with them!! Keep in touch with them through Social Media.  They will be happy to receive your messages.

Goodbye – we will miss you!

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