ISTAR Banquet

Harrison Wicker, Rob Hadley, and Macy Hoeing

Rushville Consolidated High School was one of eight schools that participated in the I-STAR Banquet at Franklin County High School last night.  See a full write up below:

“Indiana Student Teacher Achievement Recognition (I-STAR) this year was held at Franklin County High School on Wednesday, March 11 (dinner/6 PM/recognition 7 PM). I-STAR includes eight different high schools (including RCHS). Hannah Hadley (student) chose Mrs. Jill Carmony (teacher), Julia Holland (student) chose Mrs. Toni Schultz (teacher), Isabella Runnebohm (student) chose Mrs. Carol Fenimore (teacher).” (Mr. Hadley)

See photos below.  Congratulations I-STAR recipients!