Advice for Freshman

Maddison Gosser

High school is a challenging time for incoming freshmen. With scheduling for next year in full swing, students offered their advice on what new students should look out for throughout their high school experience. 

Senior Anna-Grace Tracy said that she would advise new students to try as many different classes and clubs as they can. RCHS offers a variety of clubs and classes for a freshman to take such as the International Club, Book Club, Key Club, and FFA. Tracy also suggests for students to take good notes and have them organized well. “I know it isn’t fun but it really helps with studying and makes everything a little bit easier.”

Freshman Abriana Hughes tells new students to try and be nice to other students. “Don’t try to be rude and ‘tough’ because it really doesn’t make you better than anyone else.” Hughes also advises students to not walk slowly and be rambunctious in the halls. From what she has experienced, upperclassmen do not like either of those. 

From my two years of experience at RCHS, I would tell students to try and be as positive as they can, not only to themselves but to other students. The people around you can really make or break your experience in high school. Surrounding myself with supportive people has really helped keep me going throughout the past years. Trying to stay positive through the hard times can really get you far here. 

Overall, high school is gonna have its ups and downs. It’s always worth asking an older student or teacher for advice when first starting out.