Senior Scheduling Advice

Many students at RCHS don’t know what classes to take for the upcoming year.  A variety of seniors were willing to share their advice on how to schedule classes to make sure our students are prepared for their futures.

 Kanyon Keith states, “If you plan on going to college, take the hard classes to prepare you for the future; if you are not planning on pursuing a degree in postsecondary education, there is nothing wrong with a general or Core 40 diploma.”  Math teacher, Mrs. Fenimore agrees, “I would rather see a student get a C in an advanced class and be prepared for their future than breeze through an easy class”. 

Electives are definitely a way of not only learning but also having a class to relieve stress to counteract the more demanding classes.  Keith also states, “The most fun I’ve had at this school is definitely my electives and after school activities. While taking hard classes, it’s no fun to be constantly studying at all times.  It’s nice to have a break in your day every once in a while to take your mind off of schoolwork for a while.” Alexis Carte claims that although electives are a fun part of a student’s schedule, students need to work hard at all times and especially at the beginning of a course.  Her reasoning is, “When finals come around, you aren’t scrambling for a certain grade just to pass your class”.

Scheduling your classes is an exciting part of a student’s school year but it can also be stressful.  If a student ever finds themselves struggling, don’t be afraid to ask!