From Malaysia to Rushville


Harrison Wicker

Ahmad (Faiz) Yazid Exchange Student from Malaysia.

Harrison Wicker, Author

Foreign Exchange Students are a great addition to the hallways of RCHS!  This semester, we are joined by another foreign exchange student!  Ahmad Faiz Yazid (most people call him Faiz), a current senior, is joining us this semester from Malaysia.

Even though he has been here one month, Faiz is loving the community, and the people around Rushville!  He “loves that the people at the high school are very welcoming”.  When I asked him if there was anything that he did not like about Rushville, he said “Nothing bad yet.”

Being a senior, Faiz says that he wishes to stay in the United States to further his study in neuroscience.  He said that he would want to come and visit Rushville one day.

Welcome to RCHS, Fiaz!