Hiding The Homework

Megan Bradley, Writer

At one point or another, we have all experienced the feeling of embarrassment. There is always that one grade or one report card that we don’t want to show our parents. Back before our grades were reported online we received paper report cards. Only 2000’s kids will understand this. Anyways, back in the 3rd grade, I was faced with the most important decision of my life. Do I show my parents my C+ or do I bury it in the backyard? The obvious choice here is to bury it in the backyard. That’s exactly what I did. After what seemed like 3 hours of digging (it was only 20 minutes) I dug up about a foot of dirt. Once I buried the report card I thought the days of embarrassment were behind me. Boy, was I wrong. Two days later there was a parent-teacher conference held. You wouldn’t believe what my teacher pulled out of her folder, my report card. 

I assumed that I wasn’t the only kid that had done something this incredible, so I asked around to see who else did something like this. Senior Aria Meo said, “I would definitely chuck it in the trash. I’ve done it before.” Senior Corrin Reboulet says she would, “Rip it up into tiny pieces, soak it in gasoline and light it on fire.” Although Corrin has never had to get rid of a bad grade this is exactly how she would do it. Junior Emmie Hadley states she would, “cut it up and put into an envelope and address it to a remote location in Alaska.”

See, we all have ingenious plans up our sleeves. I’m not the only one. 2000’s kids are the last of the elite.