Keting Li

From China to Indiana

December 2, 2019

Editors Note:  This is the last article in the Foreign Exchange Student series.  To visit the other spotlights, click on “Foreign Exchange Students” at the bottom of the page.

Coming from across the Atlantic Ocean, we have Keting Li, a junior from China.  Rushville High School hosted seven exchange students this year, and this is the final student in our segment.

Li states that “the people living in Rushville are friendly.”  He loves the fact that he has people to talk to, and people that say nice things about him.  His favorite thing about Rushville is the beautiful town.  He loves seeing all of the fall colors that Rushville has to offer!  When I asked him if there were any dislikes, it did not take him a second to say no!  He loves the town, and says “there is nothing wrong”.

Li wants to attend UCI in Los Angeles to become a pilot.  He says that he loves it here in the United States, and cannot wait to come back!

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