From Japan to Indiana


Harrison Wicker

Minto Noto

Harrison Wicker, Author

Editor’s Note:  This is the fifth article in our Foreign Exchange Student Series.  View other articles by clicking on “Foreign Exchange Students” at the bottom of this article.

RCHS is hosting seven (7) foreign exchange students this school year.  Hailing from Japan is Minto Noto.

Noto stated “I am unsure of my favorite thing that is happening in Rushville”.  He loves a lot of things that are happening here in Rush County.  His main dislike about the county is the sports.  He tells me that he “does not like going to sporting events”.

Minto, a junior, stated that he does not have any plans after high school.  He does tell me that he would want to come back to the United States in June, if he is able to.