The New Carvey Machine

Sarah Johnson, Editor

RCHS has a new addition to the Learning Commons, and its name is Carvey! Carvey is a milling machine that can carve different designs into different types of materials. Some of the available materials you could use are wood, soft metal, PBC, and linoleum. You can find these materials in the Learning Commons as well. Ms. Monk and Mrs. Fenimore happen to be the people that made this possible. When talking to Ms. Monk, she wants every student of all curriculums to use this machine. 

Carvey was also made possible by Mrs. Fenimore from the science wing. She applied for a grant at Indiana University East School of Natural Science and Mathematics. She was awarded the grant that allowed her to purchase Carvey. They are extremely excited to introduce a new piece of technology to the school. Though Carvey isn’t available to use yet, they are hoping to start letting people use it soon.